I voted for Jeremy Corbyn – I just had a look at the brochure that came with the ballot paper and sighed, virtually all the PLPs voted for Owen Smith and the vast majority of CLPs voted for Corbyn.  Awkward.

Maybe the PLP are genuinely convinced that this is the correct road to power, but I’m wondering whether electing a leader, publicly scorning him, organising an ineffectual coup, attempting to shame him into resigning, calling for a new election and trying to exclude the sitting candidate, putting up two terrible alternatives, organising a poor campaign against the leader (even as it seems that the leader is going to get a clear win anyway, thereby making them look a bit, uh, dumb), preventing paid-up members from electing the leader (even while their dues contribute to Labour funds), preventing long time members from voting, allowing LibDem donors and people who liken Labour members to “stormtroopers”a vote and doing it in the glare of the press, much of which is naturally unfriendly, really is the way forward.



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