Entitled to your opinion but….

To the Labour MP’s attacking Jeremy Corbyn


I am more optimistic about the Labour party’s direction of travel than I’ve been for many years: in Jeremy Corbyn I see a decent man with decent politics.

The way he is being harried by the press is shameful and evidence (if its needed) that the print media and their cronies are tools of the establishment.

But it’s been even more painful to endure the daily round of disgruntled Labour MPs making their feelings plain via the ‘sympathetic’ press and adding to the impression that Labour is in ‘chaos’. The leadership election happened – your candidates lost, put up or shut up. If you want somebody to attack – try the Tories! The party that is running the country (into the ground) and the government you’re supposed to be in opposition to.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you ‘won’, got your way and ensured another leadership election. Unless you change the rules to make the party less democratic, the outcome will be the same: Jeremy Corbyn will win, he has the support – you don’t.

And if you did change the party rules and entitled only your friends and yourselves to vote, why would you think that a General Election outcome would be any better than the last? We had a moderate man saying moderate things and we lost badly.I think that the definition of stupidity is to go on doing the same things again and again expecting different outcomes.

In Scotland, lest we forget, Labour lost power because they couldn’t offer a different future. The SNP, still riding high, gave an alternative to austerity (it may be pie in the sky) which struck a cord.

Use your passion, your enthusiasm and your political experience to go after the party that is demolishing all that is good about the country that I love – attack the Tories. If you think that your party isn’t good enough – talking to the Telegraph will certainly not help – talk to the leadership instead.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but now is not the time to voice it especially in the press. Go back to your constituents, listen to them and fight for a better future.

For all our sakes.