Pigs in a trough

Today’s news has been balm to the souls of Labour party members: the monstering of Jeremy Corbyn has been front and centre since he had the temerity to get himself elected but today it’s David Cameron’s turn. One time supporter Lord Ashcroft has done a fine demolition job on the PM and it has been fun to see the allegations aired on the front page of the Daily Mail and elsewhere. Who couldn’t feel a bit gleeful about the jokes (sample – Paddy Ashdowns “David Cameron hogging the front pages”, Guido Fawkes “Pig society” etc etc and there’s more here).

But friends, as tempting as it is to take some joy in all of this (and admittedly, it’s been a real pleasure so far) we should be as appalled by this horrible tabloid behaviour even when its directed at someone we despise. He has young children and a family who will be shocked by the revelations, and we all did dumb things in our youth which we might not want anyone to publish on the front page of the Daily Mail. I grant you, my dirty secrets usually involved drink, vomit and a vile headache rather than a pig, but I didn’t go to Ox-bridge.

The press in this country are shameful: they are beyond the law, taking the piss and controlled by tax-avoiding scum-bags of the worst order. Even those that purport to be a better class of chip-paper like the Guardian have betrayed their readership and revealed themselves as establishment poodles. The treatment of Jeremy Corbyn in the red-tops might be more crass, but is it worse than some of the bile spouted by the likes of Anne Perkins or Martin Kettle?

The nation and its venerated legal system had a chance to clean up the press: Murdoch got off more or less scot free, as did most of his acolytes and press regulation seems to be off the menu for a good while.. although..

…although, maybe now Mr. Ham-eron has experienced life at the sharp end of the British press, maybe he’ll be a wee bit more receptive to reform? Who knows. Oink, oink.


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