The Glorious British Press

Today it’s the Independent’s turn to prove that Jeremy Corbyn can’t win, on this occasion with an opinion poll. Let’s leave aside the inevitable concern that opinion polls predicted a Labour minority government as well and move onto the behaviour of the press in the UK.

It’s a given, I think that the majority of the press in this country is owned by millionaires (many of them other country’s millionaires) for the propagation of policy that benefits millionaires. To this end they tend to support the Tory party. If they occasionally go ‘off piste’ and support a Labour-led government you can be pretty sure that this is because the government in question is most likely to be ‘Labour’ in name only and headed up by Tony Blair, and that their idea of radical social democracy was mostly ‘hands off the banks’ and ‘make life a little less horrid for the poor’ with a soupçon of ‘expand the public sector as long as it doesn’t involve re-nationalising anything’. This appeared to make them electable, but that could well be because by the latter end of that lamentable Tory incumbency, a group of llamas wearing red ribbons would have been odds-on favourites to win.


Anyway….. after you’ve discounted most of the Tory dailys, you’re left with the Mirror, the Guardian and the Independent.. The Mirror is reliably Labour and frankly I don’t really have any complaints about it. Not because it’s perfect, but because it doesn’t claim to be anything that it isn’t. It’s just a Labour supporting paper. The Independent is owned by a Russian oligarch who used to be a billionaire, and it’s website is kinda clunky so I don’t tend to worry to much about its output. We bought it today because the Guardian is just too annoying.

The Guardian likes to think of itself as centre left but, my friends, if that was the case in the past, it is no longer true. It did suggest voting Labour at the 2015 GE but did so with such obvious reluctance it was painful to behold. You could tell that they only recommended a Labour vote because they knew that the LibDems were going to sink without trace and no-one likes to back a loser. Since the election they have been going all out to rubbish the Labour party, hound its more left-wing supporters and most recently, to ensure that anyone stupid enough to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is aware of how criminally fucking stupid they are. (Please note: that includes me)

The Guardian was founded in Manchester in 1821 by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor after the police closure of the more radical Manchester Observer. That paper had championed the cause of the Peterloo Massacre protesters. You would imagine that a paper with such a proud radical history would have been a wee bit less hysterical in its anti-Corbyn stance, but you’d be wrong.The Guardian has been monstering Jeremy Corbyn since it began to look like he could actually seriously compete with the nominated poodles, even going as far as cooking-up a survey to establish beyond a doubt that it’s coverage was fair and unbiased with figures from (I made that up if you’re searching for the link. My contention is that the paper did too)

I enjoy the Guardian on a Saturday, I like many of its writers and quite frankly none of the competition is all that, but I am fed up with it.

I long ago stopped paying money to buy the five or six sheets of paper it had to cheek to sell for a stupid sum of money during the week. I stopped laughing at its naked cheek as it asked Northern readers to part with hard-earned cash for London based London-centric courses for Londoners, or as it boasted about its fearless investigative journalism and printed another piece of fluff straight from the Associated Press or the marketing department of some beauty product. But how can it imagine that routinely rubbishing the readers of its hallowed pages is good marketing strategy – does it want those few loyal lefty readers with a moral conscience to finally leave them? Is it happy to compete (ironically enough) for the remaining newspaper readership for whom house prices and immigration are the only things of interest until they get to the sudoko? Surely not?


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