Je suis Charlie

…at least 13 people have died in Paris in the last two days at the hands of men with guns. These men are motivated by hatred and feel that their religious fervour justifies their actions – they are wrong.  A belief, no matter how strongly held, does not justify murder. This is true of anyone with a gun and righteous anger. Put the gun down – and then tell us what you think and feel, then we can listen, and possibly we can change. If we, your enemies, are dead, we cannot hear you and we cannot make the changes you think you want. And now you, my friend, are simply a murdering madman with a gun.

The actions of these angry men in Paris have horrified the western world,  and the perpetrators are now being rounded up. They will face long sentences in French jails and their viewpoints will be incarcerated along with them.  In the meanwhile the only effect will be to make peaceful Muslims frightened for their futures in increasingly hostile European nations, and polarise communities more and more. See how Pegida has captured the imagination of angry whites?

I guess that western cameras will capture stupid men and women somewhere apparently celebrating the deaths in Paris. These people would be wise not to clap too heartily. 12 people who worked for Charlie Hebdo died yesterday, a policeman died today, peace dies a little every day and that is bad news for all of  us.

Je suis Charlie.


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