Pegida, and what happens when you blame the immigrants….

Germany is either all for Islam or becoming seriously against it depending upon whether you are optimistic or damned grumpy about the future. Pegida is a German movement protesting at an imagined ‘Islamisation’ of Europe. Happily for my faith in Germany, more people are protesting against Pegida than are (seem to be) supporting it, but I remain worried for the future.

In the UK you can vote for UKIP (which despite Farage’s lukewarm denials seems to be all about racism and  keeping immigrants out of the UK) and various other nasty little groups that proclaim their love of the UK but are actually all about white people and their xenophobia. And what do we do as a nation? Engage the bigots and call them out? Demand that racist claptrap gains the short shrift it deserves? Stand with those who need our sanctuary or want to make a better life for themselves in our country?  Regard Islam as one of the many religions that people have the freedom to follow? Nope, we allow the ‘debate’ about ‘immigration’ to get more and more airtime, we say that ‘genuine concerns’ about migrants are ‘not racist’ (when they clearly are – the ‘concerns’ are based on prejudice and fear rather than evidence based information) and we engage in battles against Islamic states overseas and persecute Muslim people in our own country.

Hopefully when the UK branch of Pegida starts up, our citizens will also see the harm that the current narrative is doing and will rise up in support of Islamic residents and immigrants. What do you think?


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