David Cameron tells the truth….

David Cameron finally came clean at some speech or other in the City State of Londonshire : he’s not going to reverse the cuts (the cuts that aren’t driving down the deficit…) because he wants a leaner, meaner state. Oh good. Because that’s really working out for us isn’t it?

He reckons – largely because he’s a nincompoop – that government services are much more efficient now he’s cut all that ‘fat’ away. Yeah right. That’s why he’s had to put A&E departments on a daily bulletin to check that the ridiculous waiting times aren’t going critical. He thinks that Michael (please God no) Gove is doing a grand job in Education opening schools where no-one needs them and merrily reversing years of tiny, incremental progress  towards a school system that doesn’t reinforce the class system and lock out social mobility. Yay!

Meanwhile Ian Duncan Smith is wasting millions of tax payers money on a benefit system that won’t get out of the traps anytime soon (while taking money of the poor, vulnerable and needy through ill-thought out policy and spiteful new rules). Our defence ministry is condemning two towns to mass unemployment due to it’s inability to plan (Portsmouth and Clydeside shipyards) and the HS2 is still not quite a success either and it’s not even got off the paper yet. Privacy, justice – ach, who needs them, lets just bung GCHQ another couple of million to spy on our own citizens and quite possibly the citizens of other friendly countries too.

Yep. It’s all going very well, Dave, crack on.


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