ye are many, they are few



I should most probably stop reading the Guardian: not a day goes by when some iniquity perpetrated by this government is pointed out in its pages. I read through the comment section with a growing feeling of gloom and wonder what exactly is going on in the world.

We have wealth beyond most peoples wildest imaginings, but we don’t share it. We have the potential to feed everyone and keep them healthy, but we don’t. We don’t house the worlds people properly, we don’t look after the world itself (with a headlong scramble to exploit, largely for the benefit of the few, the resources of the planet) and we don’t seem to give a bugger.

Ye are many, they are few. Famous words and a call to arms. Around about 1% of the worlds population control most of its wealth and we do nothing. We complain about so and so down the road fiddling their benefits (as if we can understand a persons finances from looking at their home or faces – have you never heard of fecking credit) as if its them bringing down the world by fiddling their dole, ten pounds at a time. We have become a nation of xenophobes, happy to absorb the bullshit fed us about immigrants (as if immigration, economic migrancy within Europe, the seeking of asylum and illegal entry into the country was all the same thing). Let’s not worry about the facts – ‘they’ don’t ‘use up’ our social housing, benefits and health care – they are net contributors to the country. But uh, never mind that.

We need to realise that we can change the world. And we don’t have to start a violent revolution or man the barricades to do it. I enjoyed reading Russell Brands call for action and everyone wants to see Paxman bested, but we don’t need pitchforks and guns. You can make a change at the ballot box. Give the Labour party a vast majority and shout louder and louder until they do the things you want them to do. Become a local councillor and keep the Tories away from local power. Turn up at local meetings and get your voice heard. Become that irritating shouty person at the back of the room when it’s your building societies AGM, take part in a march, write to your MP or councillor, write about your MP or councillor on their Twitter feed. All these things are small – but they all add up to you taking over, because – there are lots and lots of you, and few of them.

Ye are many, they are few.


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